usage: venc [options] InputFileName [OutputFileName]

InputFileName is "input wav file name" or "-"(standard input)

[options]  (There are exclusive relations)
  -qVALUE         This value sets audio quality-level. It is between
                  -2 (low quality) and 10 (high quality). [VBR mode]
  -bVALUE         This value sets tagets bitrate (in kbits). [ABR mode]

[options]  (Non-recommendation)
  -ub=VALUE       Upper bitrate setting (in kbits) for "-b".
  -lb=VALUE       Lower bitrate setting (in kbits) for "-b".
  -lowpass=VALUE  Overwrite default low-pass filter setting. New
                  low-pass filter value is between 2 and 99 (in kHz).
  -ibtune=VALUE   This relatively changes the noise masking value of
                  impulse block. This value is between -15 and 0.

  -downmix        If the input stream is stereo, the stream of stereo
                  is converted into mono.
  -resample=VALUE The VALUE sets new sampling rate.
  -padding=VALUE  This adds padding of VALUE (byte) to vorbis comment
  -ignore_length  The data length header is ignored.
  -i              Display of this software information.